Why Buy Lea

Designed to Grow Into, Not Out Of
Lea Furniture is a La-Z-Boy Incorporated company, and a leading manufacturer of moderately-priced youth furniture. We also manufacture furniture for second bedrooms, vacation homes, or condominiums. Our products can be found at leading furniture stores nationwide.

Lea Furniture is the Youth Specialist in furniture. We have over 140 years of experience specializing in youth furnishings, and we continuously focus on innovative new products ideas and design trends to grow our assortment.

Lea's youth furniture offers a wide assortment of styles for both girls and boys, tweens and teens with a broad selection of specialized, functional designs for today's active kids.

Sleep Options
Over 250 bed options, including: twin size, full size, bunk beds, loft beds, captain's beds, poster beds, daybeds, sideways beds, and more!

Safety Features

Bunks and Loft Beds:

bullet Solid Posts and Metal Dowels-Solid Hardwood posts, jointed by thick metal dowel pins where necessary, provide strength and stability of construction.
bullet Secure Attachments-Ladders and Guard Rails attach to bed rails with screws or bolts. Bed rails are fastened through posts with steel bolts.
bullet Stable Bed Rails-Our bedrails are made of multi-ply construction instead of solid. This prevents warping or splitting in an area where beds need the most strength.
bullet Safe Spacing-All components are properly spaced to prevent children from dangerous pinch-points and to help protect from entanglement.
bullet Independent Laboratory Certification-All Bunk and Loft bed designs are certified by an independent laboratory to meet or exceed the safety requirements.

All Beds:

bullet Bed Slats-The provided bed slats are located using predetermined slots in our side rails preventing unsafe spacing and we also use screws to fasten, adding integrity to the bed.
bullet Slat Packs-Our slat packs use screws to fasten each slat to the bed rails providing above average support and added structural integrity to the assembled bed.

Case Pieces:

bullet Anti-Tip Restraints-Our Anti-tipping kits are shipped with taller case pieces. These secure the backs of the furniture to a wall, deterring tipping.
bullet Drawer Stops-Our automatic drawer stops help protect spilling. They are heavy duty metal guides that prevent warping and slide smoothly.
bullet Lead free child safe finishes meet all U.S. Safety requirements.